Business Research

In order to remain in business, organisations need to obtain data on their markets, competition, as well as other business and economic trends. This data will the help organisations understand their position in the market and allow appropriate strategic decisions to be made.

There is a need to ensure that the most appropriate data is obtained, which is up to date, and analysed correctly, in order that organisations have the most accurate information. It is also important to ensure that resulting information, is presented in the best way. The provision of good quality information, when needed, will provide relevant knowledge to the organisation, enabling detailed analysis and assessments to be undertaken, in turn ensuring good decisions are made, at every level.

Over time, organisations generate large volumes of data, also known as big data. Migrators can help organisations analyse, understand and interpret this data, providing innovative solutions for accessing, integrating and managing the data (data mining). Migrators can also compile, concise non-technical, presentations of key information, helping managers to understand the data. Some of the ways that Migrators can help with business research include:

Research Methods

·         Identifying research components and parameters
·         Selecting the best research methods
·         Developing and analysing qualitative data sets
·         Developing and analysing quantitative datasets
·         Analysing results and developing options
·         Preparing and presenting research reports

Data Analytics

·         Data protection and data management
·         Accessing big data and integration
·         Data mining and extraction
·         Consolidation and trend analysis

Market Research

·         Analysis and interpretation of customer data
·         Analysis of competitors and their products
·         Assessment and interpretation of market data
·         Identification and evaluation of new and niche markets
·         Market segmentation and customer profiling


·         Analysis of market and industrial trends
·         Assessment of international markets and customer data
·         Obtaining and assessing data relating to cultures and lifestyles
·         Financial modelling and simulation
·         Assessment of current, operating methods and procedures
·         Assessing new technology, systems and innovation
·         Assessing communications and their usage

Migrators can also provide training and coaching to your staff on these topics. The training will help your staff understand the way the research was undertaken and how to do it, as well as how to interpret the results for your organisation.

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