Developing Strategy

There are many challenges facing organisations. Trying to ensure the organisation is fit for the future is a key challenge. Consequently, organisations must make strategic decisions relating to their long-term future and manage the associated risks. Care must be taken to ensure that current and accurate information is used to provide supporting evidence for strategic decision making. This information will help to identify approaches and options which can be made, based on visions of the future.

Staff and stakeholders also need to be aware of the strategic views, so they can help to implement the components, often through programmes and projects, helping to ensure longevity of the organisation.

Migrators provide a variety of consultancy services relating to strategy. These range from research and analysis of future trends, innovations and technologies, to facilitating workshops which develop strategies, preparing presentations, briefings and reports to promote the selected strategies and implementing the strategic concepts through change management and stakeholder communications. Some of the most common services include:


·         Identifying and assessing industry and market trends
·         Identifying and assessing new innovations and technologies
·         New uses for IT, robotics and artificial intelligence
·         Obtaining, and analysing big data and data mining
·         Identifying and assessing competitive advantage

Developing Strategy

·         Development and assessment of strategic options
·         Analysis of new and innovative products and services
·         Analysing the costs and benefits of strategic approaches
·         Assessing risks and uncertainty
·         Constructively challenging strategic approaches
·         Developing strategy and business models
·         Facilitating strategy development
·         Mentoring and coaching
·         Strategy training and development

Implementing Strategy

·         Preparing strategic visions, roadmaps and timelines
·         Preparing reports, presentations briefings
·         Developing communications plans
·         Implementing strategy through projects
·         Establishing innovation in the organisation
·         Improving products, services and operations
·         Establishing new change programmes and projects

Migrators can also provide training and coaching to your staff on these topics. The training will help your staff understand the need for developing good strategy and decision making and how to improve their skills and knowledge in this important area.

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