Training & Development

Staff need to understand and adapt to new ways of working. They need to aquire new skills and improve existing knowledge and confidence, to ensure they are capable of using new technology, systems and procedures. Knowledge gained through staff development can help to ensure the future success of your organisation. New skills and knowledge can be provided by staff training and development in  new techniques, away from their work environment. In addition, coaching and mentoring can be provided as part of the new way of working, to enhance knowledge and improve confidence.

Migrators work closely with organisations to develop staff skills and knowledge. Migrators can help organisations to assess their staff development strategy and needs, as well as obtaining ongoing senior management support. Migrators can also help in the preparation of staff development plans and specifications for the organisation. Migrators will also help to ensure that the staff development programmes are compatible with other programmes, for improved competency and performance.

Migrators have significant experience in preparing and delivering staff development training, in a variety of areas related to strategy and change management. In addition to regular coaching and mentoring sessions, Migrators provide a variety of different staff development courses and workshops including:

Developing Strategy

·         Business strategy introduction
·         Risks and uncertainty in strategy
·         Establishing innovation
·         Key strategy models
·         Developing and analysing costs and benefits
·         Development and assessment of options
·         Successfully implementing strategy
·         Preparing strategic visions and roadmaps

Programme Management

·         Introduction to programme management
·         Planning and scheduling programmes and projects
·         Establishing programmes and projects
·         Successfully managing programmes and projects
·         Developing and analysing benefits
·         Introduction to risks in projects
·         Managing projects in a crisis
·         Project costs and financial management
·         Establishing Project Support Offices
·         Project audits, assurance & health checks
·         Resource planning and management
·         Improving project processes and methods

Stakeholder Management

·         Identifying stakeholders and their needs
·         Partnering and supplier management
·         Enhancing customer experiences
·         Preparing communications plans
·         Managing stakeholders in a crisis

Business Research

·         Identifying research components and parameters
·         Selecting the best research methods
·         Developing qualitative datasets
·         Developing quantitative datasets
·         Analysing results and developing options
·         Preparing and presenting research reports

Migrators can also provide coaching and mentoring sessions in all of these subjects. Migrators are also able to prepare and deliver a variety of other staff development courses on related subjects for your organisation.

Migrators staff development is normally provided as on-site workshops, to small groups of staff, reducing staff travel costs and time away from the business.

Migrators also provide a variety of Consultancy Services in addition to staff development. Please contact Migrators for details.

For further information, please contact Migrators