Change is inevitable in modern business. It occurs in almost every organisation, or industry sector. The changes may be small but incremental, or radical and occasional. Business is continually changing, new technology is making operations easier, new markets are opening and staff are bringing new skills and knowledge to the workplace. However, in order to make the most of any changes, they should be introduced in a systematic way, which maximises their benefits. Good governance and controls also need to be in place to ensure the success of the change programme.

Additionally, staff should be kept informed of changes, and should be encouraged to contribute to them. Staff will also need to be trained to use the new systems, procedures and technology correctly. Stakeholders, suppliers and customers will need to be kept informed of the changes and understand how they will affect them.

Migrators have significant experience in providing practical advice, information and support on developing and implementing change management. This experience and knowledge can help you achieve success in your change management programmes and projects. Some examples of the work undertaken by Migrators include:

·         Advising on the introduction of new systems and procedures
·         Developing and implementing governance and controls
·         Improving processes to reduce product development times
·         Integrating products, and their delivery mechanisms
·         Integrating new technology and processes
·         Establishing technology and infrastructure programmes
·         Scrutiny and evaluation of change programmes and processes
·         Development and introduction of service level agreements
·         Assessment and improvement of statutory, and other, reporting cycles
·         Ensuring good integration of teams
·         Trouble shooting and problem solving
·         Evaluation and development of improved technology and processes
·         Improving supplier and partner working relationships
·         Implementing change through programmes and projects
·         Developing and delivering communications plans

Migrators can also provide training and coaching to your staff on these topics. The training will help your staff understand the need for change management and how to improve their skills in this important area.

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