Migrators Consulting has a variety of practices, all of which are focussed on key elements of the business cycle and supporting elements:



Migrators consulting practices are based around key aspects of the business cycle, which are relevant to all organisations and the departments, functions and sub-sections into which they are often divided. These include the direction of the organisation, its policies strategies and governance. Research and analysis needed to assess how to change, or improve the organisation. Changing the organisation through the development and implementation of programmes and projects. The way the organisation performs and how to improve its efficiency.

Strategy Development
Programme Management
Programme and Project Management
Business Research
Business Support

In addition to the main practices, Migrators can also provide direct support to many of the different functions that are needed by an organisation. These include management of risks, control of finances, marketing products and services, governance and compliance, internal and external communications, encouraging staff to work better together, developing staff through training, coaching and mentoring, understanding and managing the needs of stakeholders.

Since it’s establishment, over 20 years ago, Migrators have regularly worked with many different clients. Providing these services to a variety of industry sectors, throughout Europe.

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