Operations Performance

Migrators Operations Performance Practice focusses on obtaining and assessing relevant organisation data to improve performance and ensure good decision making

Operations performance considers how efficiently an organisation is  and whether it is achieving its strategic objectives. The metrics generated from operations performance will show how close the organisation is to achieving its objectives and where improvements, or changes, may need to be made. Analysis and interpretation of the metrics will identify key areas of concern, and possible alternatives. In turn this will allow alternative approaches to be identified as well as their risks and benefits, together with their associated costs, resource requirements and timescales. The best approaches can then be slected and projects implemented to ensure the strategic objectives are met when required.

Generally operations performance objectives fall into 4 main categories:

Speed – This objective focusses on how quickly an organisation can provide, or change its goods and services. For example, the time taken to process orders, deliver goods and services, or bring new products to markets.
Quality – This objective focusses on whether the goods and services are provided to agreed specifications For example do they perform reliably and correctly and whether they meet customer expectations.
Costs – This objective focusses on the costs associated with providing, or changing, the goods and services and their variations. For example the differences in costs for producing different volumes, alternatives and variations for different markets.
Flexibility – This objective focusses on how easily an organisation can adapt to changes. These could be introduced by technology, market forces, competitors, legislatio, or its own stratgic decisions.

The Migrators Consulting Operations Performance practice provides a variety of consultancy services relating to operations objectives, metrics and introducing changes. Migrators consultants undertake research, and analysis in all of these areas. Providing information, understanding and insights on the way the organisation works. These insights can include:

Development of operations models showing key processes, resources, costs and timings.
Developments of models showing production variations and alternatives.
Assessment of options, alternatives and variations.
Assessment and identifications of areas for improvement.
Identification, assessment and recommendations for benefit improvement.
Evaluation of data management and cybersecurity
Implementing innovative practices
Identification, assessment of risks and their mitigation.
Research on performance of goods and services sold.
Competition and market place analysis..

Migrators can also provide training and coaching to your staff on these topics. The training will help your staff understand the need for developing good objectives and ensuring good operations performance metrics are developed, as well as how to improve their skills and knowledge in this important area.