Programme Management

Migrators Programme Management Practice focusses on developing, improving and deploying business portfolios, programmes and projects, as well as their benefits.

Careful preparations are required, if new programmes and projects are to be established and implemented correctly. The programmes will also need to ensure they are aligned to the organisation strategy and the individual projects, and their components, are integrated properly. Appropriate governance and controls also need to be in place.

There should be a detailed understanding of the  benefits, and costs, for the programmes and projects, and their components, as well as their associated risks, before starting the work. During the early stages of programmes, care should also be taken to prepare accurate plans, schedules, requirement sets, and budgets. These will need to be updated at every stage of the project including establishment, design, development, testing and deployment. Staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders also need to be kept informed of the projects, and what is expected from them. Most programmes and projects follow established methodologies, such as Prince2, MSP, PMBoK or Agile, to provide assurance that the key components are covered. This will help to ensure the successful implementation and integration of the programme, realising the benefits and other business needs.

The Migrators Programme Management practice provides a variety of services in this area. These range from preparing and initiating new programmes, to assessing existing projects, identifying problems and implementing solutions and providing project assurance. Some examples of the services include:

Programme Management

  •    Independent reviews of major programmes and their benefits
  •    Implementing strategy through programmes and projects
  •    Benefits analysis of programmes and projects
  •    Development of programme management strategies
  •    Identifying and evaluating programme options
  •    Scrutiny and evaluation of programmes and processes
  •    Integration of programmes and business strategy
  •    Preparing and communicating goals and objectives

  •    Trouble shooting project problems
  •    Advising on funding and budget management
  •    Advising on risk assessment and management
  •    Implementing change management projects
  •    Identification and assessment of key roles and resources
  •    Project close out, review and lessons learnt
  •    Conducting and advice on, audits, assessments and health checks

  •   Assessment, implementation and improvement of Programme and Project Support Offices
  •    Developing and implementing project governance
  •    Implementing and improving project methodologies and processes
  •    Introduction and improvement of progress reporting, and review cycles
  •    Implementing performance analysis, earned value and related areas

Migrators can also provide training and coaching to your staff on these topics. The training will help your staff understand the need for programme and project management and how to improve their skills in this important area.

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