Stakeholder Management

There are many different types of stakeholders ranging from customers and suppliers to shareholders, pressure groups and government agencies. Each of these can influence the decisions of the organisation in different ways, with degrees of influence. It is essential to build trust with individual stakeholder groups, by providing appropriate information, using suitable methods, when needed, with suitable levels of empathy.

Most organisations have to try and balance the needs, or expectations, of their customers, suppliers and other interested stakeholders. Customers prefer to   receive a variety of services, or products, when they need them. However, suppliers may have limited availability of the products that are needed to support the customers. Other stakeholders may need specific information, assurances, research or knowledge. It is therefore essential that the best balance is maintained, in order to ensure good relationships with all stakeholders.

It is therefore essential to develop plans and approaches which hep to maintain good communications and the provision of accurate information with all relevant stakeholders. Ensuring stakeholders receive the correct information, at the right level of detail, in appropriate ways, when needed. This could include meetings, presentations or briefings directly to stakeholders. It could also include indirect contact through reports videos, blogs ad social media. All of which should provide the opportunities for stakeholders to ask questions and receive appropriate answers.

Migrators have significant experience in providing practical advice and information on stakeholder management. This experience and knowledge can improve the business relationships within your organisation as well as partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Some examples of the work undertaken by Migrators include:

Analysing risks associated with stakeholder groups
Assessing influence and trust levels
Assessment of organisation communication systems and methods
Facilitation of meetings and briefings with stakeholders
Identifying stakeholders and assessing information needs
Managing stakeholders in a crisis
Preparing and delivering stakeholder management plans

Migrators can also provide training and coaching to your customer staff on these topics. The training will help your staff understand the need for stakeholder management and how to improve their skills in this important area.

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